Update 27/05/17
AGF Community is pleased to announce the release of - the updates and features many of our members have been wanting for Ranging from Login system, to friendlist and party, to hiscores and competitive arenas. There are still many more planned updates, such as clan and tournament system. Please adapt to the new version of the game. If you have any requests, ideas, or suggestions, post a thread at
As always, big hugs from the community. Let's share the joy and battle together! <3

Record 2
YouTube 4 Surprise

As always, thanks to Jara Lowell & R.
Old client

  • Skins
  • Leaderboard
  • Colors
  • Dark theme
  • Names
  • Show mass
  • Acid-mode
  • Chat
  • Infinite zoom
  • Hide Map
  • Simple graphics
  • Large names
  • Transparent viruses
  • Map border
  • Hide Cell Borders
  • Hide Grid

Change Language [Voakie]

E: Instant Recombine
S: 2X Speed



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1An unnamed cell62,228
2An unnamed cell61,106
4Andres 55,328
6♥♥♥ 49,713
7ET 48,376
8BAHO 47,869
11asd 46,941
12௵ൠĴĤỖŇČÃŘĹỖൠ௵ 46,754
13Atoms 45,995
14PWB box 45,461
15w 44,736
17Stop Teaming 44,322
18WavyPimp 44,245
19♕₭៛₦₲ ₲₳฿Ř៛€££€44,163
20. 44,134
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